The Cruise & the New Guy

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The Cruise & the New Guy

There have been things I have said “never” to and ended up doing. The most recent was a cruise. My perception of them was noise, excessive wardrobe changes, and too many people. I was introduced to a cruise line that claimed to be different. Because I wanted to see the Mediterranean again and they offered the itinerary of my dreams, I booked my “never” and “dream trip.”

It was a wow moment when I first saw the ship. And it only got better! I have been asked to share my favorite place, food, or experience. It is impossible for me to do so as there were no disappointments or negatives. It was eight days of total bliss as Spain, France, Monaco, and Italy were visited.

I have returned to my everyday life with great memories, a new guy in my life, and another cruise on the calendar.

I returned home and eagerly awaited the arrival of THE NEW GUY – our first grandson!

Kathy smiles while looking at and holding her newborn grandson.


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